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  1. Nando Pons, another candidate for Betis sporting director
  2. Mel: Going back to Betis isn’t an option for me
  3. Vadillo: Pepe Mel could have saved us
  4. Unai Emery comment makes Leo Baptistao cry
  5. Betis hold a negative record of 21 defeats so far in the League
  6. Amaya: "We have been disrespected all year"
  7. Calderón: Refereeing in La Liga is shameful
  8. Real Betis-Sevilla
  9. Calderón: Winning the derby is our duty
  10. Domínguez: "With the help of the fans, the players will give everything"
  11. Huawei, on the Real Betis shirts
  12. Cedrick: If I had to choose, I’d prefer FC Porto to win
  13. Alen Halilović could’ve joined Real Betis for €90,000
  14. Leo and Juanfran Baptistão train normally in Wednesday's session
  15. Some players will leave for free if Betis will go down
  16. Lopera former directors to ask to return to Betis
  17. Molina: We’re keen for some revenge against Sevilla
  18. Molina: "We want to take away the thorn of European elimination"
  19. Javi Chica : "Mel's dismissal was a mistake"
  20. Pepe Mel uncertain over West Brom future
  21. Rubén Castro continues to make history based on goals
  22. Calderon: "We have no margin"
  23. Betis has another losing record: twenty defeats
  24. Joaquin: "I think I will finish my career at Real Betis"
  25. Calderón: My feeling is that we deserved more from this game
  26. Barcelona - Real Betis
  27. Calderon: "We can only lose one more game"
  28. Pepe Mel: "I would love Rubén Castro here with me"
  29. Calderon: "At most we are entitled to lose a game"
  30. The Real Betis Foundation changed its statutes and approaches the council
  31. Calderón: The institutional problems won’t affect how Barca play
  32. The Board of Trustees approves Real Betis changing their statutes
  33. Lolo Reyes" it would be an honor for me to play with the second division Betis"
  34. Lolo Reyes it would be an honor for me to play with the second division Betis"
  35. The team president is officially presented
  36. Great interest Salva Sevilla
  37. Amaya returns to practice with the rest of his teammates
  38. Domínguez Villar Platas is filed and meets with Sanchez Arminio
  39. Baptistao: I have no regrets about coming to Betis
  40. Another difficult day for Betis
  41. Older nonsense Betis
  42. Calderón: It was like a horror movie
  43. Real Betis-Malaga
  44. Schuster: Betis have had a lot of bad luck, but they thrive on fan support
  45. Calderón: If we don’t beat Malaga, the rest of the results aren’t important
  46. Calderon: "The accounts come if we win at Malaga"
  47. Manuel Dominguez Platas: "I come with all the enthusiasm in the world"
  48. The joy after the win against Levante floods training on Friday
  49. Manuel Dominguez Platas, new president of Real Betis
  50. Francisco Estepa, Diego García León and Tomas Solano, new directors of Real Betis
  51. You are my eyes
  52. A 13-string guitar Himno Real Betis
  53. Paulao doubtful for the visit of Málaga CF
  54. Guillen leaves Betis
  55. Diego García León, new director of Betis
  56. Salva Sevilla the latest injury blow for Betis
  57. Molina: We knew we had to win, this is a major triumph
  58. The return of Lopera to Betis, highly unlikely
  59. Dani Benitez, of Granada, positive for cocaine after the match against Betis
  60. Latest tests reveal Nacho fibula injury
  61. Levante - Real Betis
  62. The board of Betis, a revolution without changes
  63. Calderon: "We're always short in matches, but what we need is to win"
  64. Calderon: "It is an obligation of the team to battle until the last moment"
  65. Calderón: I’m used to overcoming adversity
  66. Amaya is broken and will be sidelined two to three weeks
  67. Sevilla - Estadio Benito Villamarín
  68. Calderón: The dismissal of Braian changed the game
  69. Real Betis- Atlético de Madrid will be dedicated to Peña Cultural Morón Andalusia
  70. Liga 2012-13 | all the goals Real Betis Balompié
  71. Sueño Verdiblanco- Fondo Flamenco
  72. Himno Real Betis Fondo Flamenco
  73. Real Betis - Atletico Madrid
  74. Calderon: "I think I've done a good job"
  75. Calderon: I congratulate the team for the commitment they have had since I got here
  76. The lost dream of European success leaves Betis in a void
  77. One from the heart
  78. Game Over
  79. Betis-Sevilla, Palm Sunday at noon
  80. Perquis 5 weeks out
  81. Calderon: "This year is especially cruel"
  82. The season is over for Real Betis
  83. Calderon: I’m saddened for the fans, they deserved this joy
  84. Adán: In a stadium full of 50,000 Beticos, the pressure is on Sevilla
  85. Amaya: Forget about the league, we can make history
  86. Leo Baptistão trains with the group in the last training before the Euroderbi
  87. Rubén Castro: "Let's go for it"
  88. Calderon: "We want to return the fans something they owe"
  89. Real Betis v Sevilla Europa League last 16, 2nd leg
  90. Calderón: We don’t fear anyone
  91. Rubén Castro: We have a great chance of knocking out Sevilla
  92. Pedro Proenca, chosen for the return of Euroderbi
  93. Pedro agrees new four-year deal
  94. 'Bufandada' to give color to Villamarín
  95. Caro, renewed until 2017
  96. Beto we must be patient against Betis
  97. Jordi: Sevilla will have to take risks and we’ll have to be patient
  98. Real Betis’ President considers paying “Fear Clause” in Leo Baptistão’s contract ahea
  99. Carlos Garcia renewed until 2017 and will record the first team
  100. Calderon: "I think the heads are not totally clear"
  101. Dídac lost the remainder of season
  102. Sevilla will not train on Wednesday in Villamarín
  103. Victory for Betis B against Cádiz B
  104. Elche-Real Betis
  105. Calderon: "Tomorrow we play for our lives in Elche"
  106. Calderón: We haven’t got time to relax or celebrate
  107. Molina: "Betis is a feeling, a passion"
  108. Time to break the drought Betis away
  109. Molina: We’re much better than we were a month ago
  110. Real Betis and Cajasol Foundation renewed its agreement to boost grassroots sport
  111. Fran Escribá: "Betis is designed to be in mid-table up"
  112. The new Betis: from 'Yes we can' to the Turnaround of Zaragoza in 2012
  113. Escribá: "Betis has great potential"
  114. Faithful bética infantry returned to enjoy a clear field
  115. Jorge Molina: "We are much better than a month ago"
  116. Miguel Guillen: "We have not finished the job"
  117. Guillen: "It is a great joy, especially for the fans"
  118. Adán: They warned me, but there’s no other game in Spain like this derby
  119. Salva: We’ve taken a really good result, but nothing is decided yet
  120. Calderón: I’m delighted for the players and the fans
  121. Sevilla v. Real Betis (Europa League last 16 first leg)
  122. Emery: This is an extraordinary derby
  123. Calderón: This city deserves spectacles like this European derby
  124. Adán: Betis deserve to play in these kinds of ties
  125. Calderon: "We come with enthusiasm, confidence and humility"
  126. Adan: "We must be strong and forceful back"
  127. Calderon prepares a surprise in the starting line up of the derby
  128. Baptistão: "I say it's the biggest derby in Spain"
  129. For the first time in its history, Betis trains at the Sanchez Pizjuan-
  130. Liga? What Liga?
  131. Benito Villamarín field of hope. Includes video
  132. Perquis rejoins the group in the penultimate session before the derby
  133. Animation and colorful fans at training
  134. Calderon: "I will not say the weak point of Sevilla"
  135. Pepe Mel: "Betis has many things to win the tie"
  136. Guillen confirmed that Betis will train at Nervión, the security device will expand
  137. Turkish referee Cakir, for the Sevilla derby
  138. Elche pay tribute on Sunday to Miki Roque
  139. Sevilla and Betis rivals gear up for Europa League derby
  140. Calderón motivation begins today for the big day
  141. Chimera to reality, you have to go through the Betis.
  142. UEFA will qualifies the Sevilla-Betis derby as one of the "most prominent matches"
  143. N'Diaye: "I am surprised by the passion of our fans"
  144. 300 followers support the Betis at the training
  145. More than 300 police ensure safety in the derby
  146. European revalidation of Rubén Castro
  147. N’Diaye: We have to win the Europa League derby
  148. If Calderon had come earlier
  149. The other European derbies
  150. Calderón: "There are still a lot of things to improve, but there are very good feelin
  151. "Sí, se puede" (vídeo) "Yes we can"
  152. Salva Sevilla "We know what it means to our people the derby"
  153. Within League stadiums Top entries are recorded in Heliopolis
  154. Calderón: Whilst it’s still mathematically possible, we’ll keep believing
  155. Calderon: "No reason to change the team"
  156. Real Betis - Getafe
  157. Calderon wins integers for future project
  158. García: Bad referees didn’t put Getafe where we are, or make Betis last
  159. The Beauty and the Beast
  160. Perquis and Lolo by Chica and Varela, the latest in the list of Calderón against Geta
  161. Betis players will wear shirts with a woman's name
  162. Calderón: Totting up the numbers won’t win us our next game
  163. Real Betis Balompié (Oficial)
  164. Except 'miracle' of salvation, the club already thinking about next season
  165. Betis do not complete the quota entries derby
  166. Marco Rosa signed professional contract until 2016
  167. Xavi Torres visit to his teammates in the evening training
  168. The European derby Nervión declared high risk
  169. Antonio Adán signs contract extension with Real Betis until 2017
  170. Ndiaye returns to work outside
  171. The crisis comes at Getafe with Luis García highly contested
  172. Cédrick: We have to get the three points this Sunday and fight until the very end
  173. Francisco Estepa meets members of the Foundation of Betis
  174. Nosa will undergo arthroscopic surgery on Friday
  175. Calderon used the entire workforce and effective addition to the cause
  176. Rubén Castro: "There was no 'feeling' between Garrido and players"
  177. Betis held on 'Day of Andalusia Women' against Getafe
  178. Rubén Castro: "The derby comes at the right time"
  179. Juanma: "I can not put into words how I felt"
  180. Calderon acknowledges the support of the fans in training
  181. The crowd prepares to protest against the LFP and the arbitrators at the Betis-Getaf
  182. Born from the same passion – Xerez Deportivo FC
  183. Calderón: There are never any favourites in derbies
  184. The slight improvement bética
  185. The crowd prepares his protest against the LFP and the arbitrators in the Betis-Getaf
  186. Adam: "When in doubt always whistle against us"
  187. Calderon: "I am very happy with the team"
  188. Calderón: Referees have cost us five of the last six points
  189. Guillen Truths
  190. Villarreal- Betis
  191. If we are afraid of Sevilla, we would not last the tie"
  192. Guillén equals Lopera more European games in a season
  193. Moderate Happiness, about the situation of Betis in La Liga
  194. Calderon: The European Derby will be a party for Sevilla
  195. The valiant Betis fans in Kazan
  196. The first UEFA Cup derby in history: Betis-Sevilla
  197. Calderon: We need to make the fans happy after a year of sadness
  198. Tebas "The absence of a personal failure Betis"
  199. How to combat the cold in Kazan
  200. Barca asks the LFP play against Betis on April 5
  201. Betis is already in Kazan - with video
  202. Lolo Reyes: "Referees are wrong everywhere, not only in Spain"
  203. Lolo Reyes: Synthetic pitches shouldn’t be allowed in Europa League
  204. Belenguer refuses to be the athletic director
  205. All tied up
  206. Rubin Kazan - Real Betis
  207. Guillen: "I understand that I should not continue"
  208. Calderon: "I want to play against Sevilla in Europe"
  209. Betis post video of referee mistakes, as president complains
  210. Calderón: This is a sad day for Spanish football
  211. Betis-Bilbao
  212. Real Betis vs. Rubin Kazan
  213. Baptistao: We want to win the Europa League to show what we’re capable of
  214. Nosa: Why do they have to call me black or monkey?
  215. Calderón: This is an opportunity to show what it means to be Betis
  216. Manuel Castaño:"If it's meant Lopera Betis president, I will be"
  217. Betis respond to fans protest, with free Europa League tickets
  218. Juan Carlos Garrido reflects on his 48-day stint in charge of Real Betis
  219. Valencia, Real Betis and Rayo Vallecano livid over schedule changes
  220. Rubén Castro: I will stay at Betis, even in the Segunda
  221. Betis-Ruben Kazan
  222. Betis fans abuse players
  223. Calderón: Betis is practically in the Segunda
  224. Granada vs. Real Betis
  225. Calderón: The game on Sunday is a six-pointer
  226. Pepe Mel gutted by Real Betis’ continued failures
  227. Nono: We must fight to the death against Granada
  228. UEFA change Rubin Kazan-Real Betis kick-off time from 18:00 to 19:00
  229. Antonio Amaya speaking about the match Granada
  230. Betis keeper Sara injured in training match
  231. Barcelona and Real Madrid could lose their huge TV money advantage
  232. Calderón: We’re still not strong enough
  233. Valencia 5-0 Real Betis
  234. Calderón: A manager should be both demanding and admired by his players
  235. LFP announce free live broadcast of all Liga Adelante games
  236. Who is the best goalkeeper in La Liga?
  237. Benito Villamarín voted best stadium in Spain by fans
  238. Perquis: This was the worst moment of my life, I cried like a baby for a long time
  239. N’Diaye: They think I’m fat?
  240. Hope
  241. Juanfran: We’re last in La Liga but 30,000 fans still came out to see us
  242. Betis add Baptistao, Adán and N’Diaye to their Europa League squad
  243. Calderón: We have done our jobs perfectly
  244. Real Betis 2-0 Espanyol
  245. Gabriel Calderón at Espanyol on Sunday
  246. Real Betis sign Alfred N'Diaye from Sunderland
  247. Celta-Betis
  248. Paulao stays with Betis
  249. Francisco Estepa Dominguez the club’s new administrator
  250. West Bromwich Albion appoint Mel as head coach

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