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How to register + RULES


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  • How to register + RULES

    Step-by-Step Registration Process

    1. – Go to and click it

    2. – As you can see of herebelow screen, click “He leído, y estoy de acuerdo en cumplir, las normas de Foro”, in English language want say that you agree with rules forum, as follows:

    To register in this forum is free! We insist that you should fulfill the rules and detailed procedure below (down). If you agree with the terms, please it selects and click the button ' To register '. If you want to annul the process of record it punctures here to return to the index of the forum.

    Though the managers and moderators of Forum will try to edit all the unacceptable messages, it is impossible to check all. All the messages express the point of view of the author, and not the owners of Forum, or Jelsoft Enterprises Limited (developers of vBulletin) accept responsibility for the content of any message.

    Accepting these rules, you guarantee that you will not write any message that is obscene, vulgar, sexually orientated, odious or of any other way that infringes any rule.

    The owners of Forum reserve the right to remove, to edit, to move or close any topic for any reason.

    3. – Información de Registro. Registration information.

    - Nombre de Usuario / User ID
    - Contraseña / Password
    - Confirmar nueva contraseña / Confirm password
    - Dirección de E-mail valida / Email address valid
    - Confirmar dirección de e-mail / Confirm Email address

    BW1234 (this is an example only). A code is issued and in the next box you have to type this exactly as it appears…if you don’t read well pls push “recharge code.”

    Push “registrarse”

    4 - Thank you for registering, A mail has been send to your email address with details of since activating your account. It presses here to return where you were before.
    You will receive a mail in your tray of entry. You must follow the link in this mail before being able to take part in these forums. Until you do not do it, you will warn that you do not have permissions to create messages.


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