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Derby Days: Sevilla - The Big One


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  • Derby Days: Sevilla - The Big One

    Derby Days: Sevilla | The Big One

    Derby Days is back with a bang as we take the entire series to Spain to discover the incredibly unique rivalries that make up this obsessed football nation! For the big finale, we have left the biggest and best to last, the Seville Derby, the fixture everyone in Spain considers the most heated rivalry in the entire country! But even we couldn’t have prepared ourselves for what we come up against as one of the most historic results in the derby’s history played out! Watch to see what happened…

    A rbb1907, muleto, Galobetix y a pueblo verdiblanco les gusta esto.

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    Thank you very much for sharing this video
    A pueblo verdiblanco, Galobetix y Pelusa97 les gusta esto.


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