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La Liga club investment


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  • La Liga club investment

    La Liga's CVC investment expected club distribution (based on recent accounts - none for 20/21 yet, top 12 shown)
    Betis are 8th in investment .

    Barca €252m
    Madrid €238m
    Atleti €184m
    Sevilla €120m
    Valencia €117m
    Athletic €115m
    Villarreal €108m
    Betis, La Real €90-95m
    Getafe,Celta €80-85m
    Alaves €75m

    This is not yet confirmed, but expected based on formula of 90% going to top-flight clubs & 10% to Segunda clubs ('La Liga' covers both). 50% is distributed equally, 50% based on other criteria. As reported elsewhere, only 15% of club's monies can be used on transfers/wages.
    So this ticks a lot of boxes for clubs to build and develop infrastructure. That is primarily its purpose. Obviously a huge boost short-term to every club. Unclear of medium-long term impacts. Bigger clubs likely to view it as restrictive (we can do better - i.e 'Super League')

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    La Liga this Wednesday announced an agreement with CVC that will see the fund inject €2.667bn into the Spanish game according to El Pais. Professional clubs throughout the country will receive €2.46bn of that fund, with €100m allocated to women’s football and the non-professional game and €100m allocated to La Liga itself and their efforts towards modernisation.
    The €2.46bn will be distributed to 42 professional clubs as participative loans with an interest rate of 0% to be paid back over 40 years. The funds will be considered as net worth, and therefore won’t count as debt on balance sheets and won’t be penalised when salary limits are being set or UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations are being applied. In loans of this sort, the lender benefits not through interest but through the growth of the business it’s lending to.
    The distribution criteria will use the 2015 ruling around La Liga’s television rights as its reference point. In that rule, 90% of the money collected goes to the 20 Primera clubs and 10% goes to clubs in the Segunda. Of that, 50% is distributed equally while the other 50% is distributed based on sporting performance. While the final distribution system for this latest injection is yet to be detailed, predictions can be made.
    Based on these calculations, Barcelona would receive €252m, Real Madrid would receive €238.6m and Atletico Madrid would receive €184m. Sevilla would receive €120m, Valencia would receive €117m, Athletic Bilbao would receive €115m and Villarreal would receive €108m. They’d be the last to number in the nine figures, with Real Betis and Real Sociedad next in the table, followed by Espanyol, Getafe, Celta Vigo, Alaves, Levante and Granada. Rayo Vallecano, Mallorca, Osasuna, Elche and Cadiz, all recently promoted to the Primera, would receive significantly less.


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      La Liga president Javier Tebas has explained the reasoning behind the CVC investment in the league.

      On Wednesday, La Liga’s executive committee approved the sale of 10% of the league to investment company CVC for €2.7billion.

      And stories instantly emerged claiming Barcelona and Real Madrid would be set for a huge transfer boost due to clubs receiving a significant portion of money from the deal.

      It is true that those clubs will receive the most money, and it is indeed a boost to their transfer hopes, with money allocated based on a similar basis to the TV deal, which rewards those teams shown on screens the most.

      But only 15% of the money received will be permitted to use on new signings and salaries, with the rest of the money pledged for infrastructure improvements.

      The deal itself has been criticised by some, who feel the amount received may be too little for the 10% portion CVC will acquire in the deal.

      And the midst of that criticism, La Liga president Tebas has explained the motives behind the deal, telling Mundo Deportivo: “There will be better facilities, better players and a better experience for the fans with their club.

      “It’s supported by a competition that will be more digital, more focused on this generation, data analysis and more international.

      “We are putting in the basis to convert La Liga to the most attractive competition in the world, an unprecedented global digital training company.”

      While the deal has been approved by the league’s executive committee, all clubs in La Liga will have to approve the deal before it becomes official.

      Barcelona and Real Madrid were not part of the committee that gave approval on Wednesday.


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        Real Madrid have released a club statement on Thursday evening to respond to the news of a deal brokered between La Liga and American fund CVC that will see the latter invest €2.7bn in the former in exchange for a 10% stake.

        They revealed that the agreement was closed without the participation or knowledge of the club, and La Liga just today allowed Madrid access to the terms of the agreement. It alleges that the agreement would take 10.95% of the audiovisual rights negotiated by the clubs over the next 50 years, and labelled the CVC an opportunist fund that unsuccessfully tried similar deals with both Serie A and the Bundesliga.

        Madrid said that they cannot support an operation that gives investors the keys to the future of the 42 clubs that populate the top two tiers of Spanish football for the next 50 years, and made clear they would be convening an assembly to discuss the agreement that they labelled unprecedented and disruptive.

        Barcelona joined Madrid a couple of hours later, releasing a club statement of their own after the small matter of announcing that Lionel Messi had left the club. They posited that the operation wasn’t sufficiently discussed with the clubs, or the owners of the audiovisual rights as they referred to them. They claim the audiovisual rights for the next 50 years would be affected.

        Barcelona claimed that the idea of signing a half-century long contract is inappropriate given the uncertainties inseparable from the world of football, and expressed surprise that the whole process wasn’t conducted with more transparency where competitors could be the analysed.


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          38 of 42 LaLiga clubs have voted in favour of the CVC investment deal. Only 4 voted against, Athletic Club and a Segunda side, and no surprise that the remaining two are from Real Madrid and Barcelona. The opposing clubs will retain their rights but get no share of the funding.


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            La Liga's clubs have approved a €2.1 billion (£1.95bn) deal that will see 10% of the league's commercial rights acquired by a private equity firm.

            Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Bilbao and an unnamed Second Division side were the only four of 42 clubs in Spain's top two divisions to reject it.

            La Liga president Javier Tebas said the deal with CVC Capital Partners is the "answer to the challenges" clubs face.

            However, Real Madrid said on Wednesday it would launch lawsuits over the deal.

            The league says the deal - which it has titled 'Boost LaLiga' - will strengthen its clubs and give them funds to spend on new infrastructure as well as increasing how much they could spend on player salaries.

            According to Tebas, broadcasting rights would remain with La Liga and he added: "We haven't sold anything to CVC."

            The deal will involve CVC - whose revenues will come from La Liga's broadcasting and sponsorship rights - purchasing a stake in a new company, which will channel investment to clubs by La Liga in interest-free loans.

            The original investment was due to be €2.7bn (£2.3bn), but due to the four clubs refusing it will be reduced.

            When Tebas first announced the proposal on 4 August, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) said the deal was "illegal" and would "increase inequality".

            Barcelona president Joan Laporta previously said it was like "mortgaging the club's rights over the next half-century".

            CVC, which has a deal with rugby's Six Nations and formerly owned Formula One, has described threats of legal action as "totally disproportionate and manifestly unfounded".


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